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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I had one all along...

I have been wanting for a long time and have yet to buy a short sleeve jacket... well so I thought. Wouldn't you believe I have always had one. I brought this little jacket at Old Navy for less than $10... I have had this velvet jacket since before this post. The last time and only time I worn this jacket was at the 2007 office Christmas party. Its something about velvet that I think it's only for the holiday wear. But I thought I would live a little on the wild side and wear it today anyway. I don't know what got into me to wear the belt. I think trying new ways in wearing my clothing helps with that urge to buy something new. I think my next challenge will be to find a look I like and see if I can pull it off with something I already have.

Jacket - Old Navy
Pants - Mossimo @ Target
Cami - Worthington @ JCPenney
Belt - Nine West @ Macy's online
Shoes - Anne Klein @ Macy's
Necklace - gift

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My favorite dessert?


Skirt - Norton Mcnaughton @ PX AAFES
Top - Banana Republic online
Boots - Alfani @ Macy's
Necklace - gift

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is how I wore this suit the first time... The top I wore today was a Christmas gift from my sister. I swear for me it was hard to match this suit up with anything. The color is dark heather brown, depending on the lighting it looks grey and sometimes it looks brown. Since blogging I really have learned to try different things and learned to appreciate prints.
Jacket and Pants - New York and Co.
Top - Ann Taylor Loft - Gifted
Shoes - Anne Klein @ Macy's
Necklace - Tiffany and Co - Gifted

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not much longer...

I'm not posting an outfit today... however I couldn't resist making note that the shopping my closet challenge will soon be over. I got my goody package today from OhThatGirl... got some very nice things! It just like I went shopping :-D
Thanks OTG!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Suggestion...

The first time I wore this shell I was not really crazy about it. My sister and HoneyChildsStyle suggested I wear the shell with a bright colored top maybe fuchsia or yellow... another suggestion I really liked!

Top and shell - New York and Co. online (I also have this top in red and black)
Jacket - Style and Co @ Macy's (December 07)
Pants - ABG @ Macy's (December 07)
Boots - Karen Scott @ Macy's

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Almost Over...

Two weeks and three days left of shopping my closet challenge...
The jacket I wore today I purchased last March from Victoria Secret... they have awesome sales during that time. I thumbed through their semi annual sale catalog today at lunch... I saw a sweater, blouse and coat that I really must have... I'm doing really good so I will hold off until the challenge is over. Anyway this would be the second time I have worn this jacket. The first time... I wore this jacket I was thinking about giving it way. But after a suggestion from HoneyChildsStyle to wear a belt and longer shirt. So here what I came up with. I like the jacket with the belt!

Jacket - Body By Victoria@ Victoria Secret
Dress and Tights - Merona @ Target
Boots - Gianni Bini @Dillards online
Patent Leather Belt -Nine West - gifted

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Mania!!!!

"We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."
President Obama’s Inaugural Address

Sunday night I watched the Obama Inaugural Celebration Concert on HBO... I was so moved by U2's performance... leading to Monday being MLK day and of course the inauguration... view here. As a whole the concert was a really great show...

My mother and sister really wanted to attend the Barack Obama's inauguration. A part of me wanted to also... but a part of me is glad I was not in the mix of the crowds and traffic. Crowds I can deal with but heavy traffic and traffic jams stress me out! Not to mention the cold...I am so happy for those that were able to be present for the inauguration. My boss allowed us to watch at work and that was good enough for me!

Okay enough of the Obama mania... here is what I wore today :)

Jacket, top and pants - New York and Co.
Sweater shell - George @ Walmart ( I brought this at the reg price of $12.96...about 2yrs ago)
Shoes - BCBG Paris @ Shoes.com ( Black Friday 2008)

Friday, January 16, 2009


I usually buy tights in black or brown. Last spring I saw these on clearance and thought I would live a little on the wild side...lol. I also brought a crazy blue color and have no idea how if or when I will ever were those.

Top - Sunny Leigh @ Macy's
Jacket - Worthington @ JCPenney
Pants - Dockers @ PX Aafes
Shoes - Anne Klein II @ Macy's
Tights - Merona @ Target (last March for under $3)
Necklace - New York and Co.

Cobalt light opaque tights - Nine West online (last spring - reg $12 on clearance for $2)
Any suggestions on how to wear these tights? Other than under a pair of pants on winters cold day to keep warm because that's my plan so far.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I want to go shopping... I mean for me!!!

Seven days in shopping my closet challenge and I just feel like I'm missing out! Yeah so I'm a little selfish... but not really. I went to the mall today to find coats for the girls. The ones I brought them for Christmas were too small. So I figure I'll run in go straight to the girls department and get what I need and keep it going. JcPenney was having an awesome sale. Clearance was marked down to 70% and then take additional 40% off of that! Tonight I brought two coats, a puffer vest, and two sets of pajamas for the girls for a total of $37.77. I walked through ladies just to see what they had going on... I have a birthday gift I have to buy... but I'm not good with shopping for others without picking myself up something. So I ran out to keep down the temptation! But from what I gathered I was really missing out on some great deals. I can't believe its just been seven days into the challenge. It feels like it has been longer!

Both coats - Arizona @ JCPenney
Faux Suede - reg $79.99- clearance price $19.97- additional 40% off = $11.98
Pink Bubble Jacket - reg $ 79.99 - clearance price $14.97 - additional 40% off = $8.98

Vest - Arizona @ JCPenney
reg $49.99 - clearance $9.97 - additional 40% off = $5.98
Disney HSM
Reg $29.99 and $34.99(ridiculously overpriced!) clearance $6.97- additional 40% off = $4.18 ea.

Here's what wore today... I brought the sweater last March for 7.99!

Sweater - Moda International @ Victoria Secret online
Camisole - Worthington @ JCPenney
Pants - Mossimo @ Target
Shoes - Rampage @ Piperlime

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recent Buys

The vest and pants were one of the purchases I made before my shopping my closet challenge. The top I got on clearance while Christmas shopping. The top was actually suppose to be a gift for my sister(shame shame on me :-O) but I decided to get her something else and obviously kept it for myself. I'm thinking it's my favorite top to wear... I have worn it here and here ... I'm a little upset right now I just read on Fab Finds Under $50 , that Macy's is having a sale and there are coupons for extra savings. I am really needing some new black boots with a lower heel than the ones I already have. Macy's usually has awesome sales on their boots this time of year. Last year around this time, I brought a brown pair of boots that were priced at a regular $189 for less than $50. But I will wait until my challenge is over to go boot shopping hopefully the deals will be even better then :)

Top - I.N.C. @ Macy's
Vest and Pants @ New York and Company
Shoes - Rampage @ Piperlime

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Outlet Buys

Top - Ann Taylor Factory Outlet ( this top was on clearance and everything in the store was and additional 30% off... If I make no mistake, I don't think I paid more than $10.)
Jacket and Pants - New York & Co online
Shoes - Rampage @ Piperlime
Scarf - Coach Factory Outlet (not a super steal but I did not pay more than $40 bucks for it)

I did not really dig deep in my closet for this outfit. My goal is to daily wear something I have not worn since I brought it or wear something I have only worn a handful of times. The shirt and scarf was an outlet purchase from this summer. I have only worn the scarf once here , and the shirt a couple of other times here , and here.
There is another question I don't like folks to ask me... that would be " ... Where did you get that from" Now you know I don't mind telling folks where I get something from or how much I even paid for it(I love to blog about it) but whenever I say where I got something I often get a comment critizing where I shop and how much I must have spent. I don't often buy anything at regular price. I shop sales, clearance racks and outlets. I shppping but the fun in shopping to me is getting an awesome item at an even awesome steal!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is that a new dress?

The question of the day was is that a new dress... Are those boots new too? I really don't like that question... nothing against those that ask (usually my co-workers). I think it may just be a bit of a guilty conscience because I may just shop a little too much...
I have had the boots I wore today for a while... almost two years. I can't remember the original price but I paid 50 bucks and some change for them. I had to have them when I saw them however I have only worn them if you count today twice. Same with the dress I have had it probably just as long and have only worn it twice if you count today. Actually shopping my closet is kinda of fun. In order to shop my closet I have to prepare the night before... I wonder what new clothing I will pull out for tomorrow?!?!

Dress - Style and Co. @ Macy's (less than $20 on clearance)
Boots - Nine West @ Nine West online

The batteries went dead in my camera and I used my Blackberry

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 3 of Challenge

Day 3 of the Shopping my closet challenge
I brought the top I wore today from Ann Taylor Loft about two months ago. I brought it because I thought it was a great deal... regular price of this top was $49 on clearance for $19.99 and an additional 40% off... cost for me $12.83. I don't know why I have waited to wear the top until now... I really like that it was a print instead of solid like I so often wear.

Top - Ann Taylor Loft
Cami - Old Navy (purchased in December, 2 for $12, I really needed the camisoles)
Skirt - Worthington @ JCpenny (purchased for $4 over two years ago... I don't think I wore this skirt any last year, I really don't like wearing skirts or dresses, for a long time that is all I could wear to work except for fridays however my boss has changed the dress code)
Tights- Merona @ Target (2pk on clearance for $1.00 last March)
Shoes - Rampage @ Piperlime (ordered December 27, I have been dying for a pair of oxfords)
Necklace - New York and Company (purchased over a year ago for under $5, first time wearing it)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shopping my closet challenge

January 7th began the first day of shopping my closet 30 day challenge. I am following the lead of Joyce @ Making the best Joyce. The idea is to not buy any new clothes, accessories and shoes. However I do have some new items previously ordered on the way already but that is it. No more new items to be added to my closet for the next 30 days. Today I received one of my packages. I believe I have one or two more on the way. (See that's a shame I order so much stuff I can't keep up with it!)

New York and Company
City stretch solid vest and pant in conservative grey
Vest - regular $32.95 sale $9.99 additional 30% off
Pant - regular $39.92 sale $14.99 additional 30%off
My total was $24.01

It's deals like this that make shopping my closet very difficult. So So hard to pass up a great deal!!! But my closet is overflowing with items that I have yet to wear since buying or items I have completely forgotten I even have. I tossed out all my clothing coupons... okay only the ones that expire this month.... so that I don't get tempted. Let's see how I do :-D

January 7th outfit

Jacket and Pants - New York and Company (recent purchase)
Top - Cable and Gauge @ Macy (recent purchase great deal though reg $59 clearance $7)
Shoes - Gianni Bini @ Dillards online(about a year ago worn about 3 times)
Handbag - Coach @ Coach outlet (in Jacksonville Florida this past summer, 50% off clearance price have not used very often)

Cap and Gown

I got my cap and gown on Christmas Eve... Anyway I was going to wait until after graduation to post a picture but I could not wait so here I am in my cap and gown one week before graduation!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gray Boots

Not a great combo...but I finally wore my boots out instead of hiding them under a pair of pants, Belts .

Jacket - Liz Claiboure @ Macy's
Top - I.N.C. @ Macy's
Skirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Handbag - Nine West -birthday gift from my sister
Boots - Gianni Bini @ Dillards online