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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sales and Gift Cards and Birthday Money!

I love that my birthday is two days after Christmas... not because I get double the gifts but because of the after Christmas sales! I get gift cards and money and its so much fun to spend at all the great sales!!!I wanted to hurry and use up the gift cards I received for my birthday. You have to use those up before they start deducting fees! I had one for $25 and another for $50!!! Love it! Well I have been in search for a pair of boyfriend jeans... I have had no problem finding a pair I just have a problem paying what they are asking for them! On my lunch hour yesterday I decided to run over to Cato to see what they had... here's what I found...well even though they are not boyfriend jeans I liked the rips in them and thought they were pretty close. They were on clearance for $14.99. The regular price of $19.99 wasn't a bad price but of course its always better to save!

Sweater - GAP on clearance for $19.99 and an additional 40% off!
Sequin Tote bag - GAP on clearance for $29.99 and an additional 50% off
Clogs- Michael Michael Kors on clearance for $74.99 and an additional 50% off at Dillard's they have the biggest sale on Jan 1st!(w/b-day cash!)
Scarf- Ann Taylor Loft... I am certain I purchased this on clearance with an additional percentage off just can't recall how great of a deal I have had it a while!

So I purchased my jeans and picked up this cute little jacket at Cato for $7.99 regular price was $24.99! My total was $24.59! I was pretty close to spending that whole $25!!! LOL!

As for that $50 gift card I went to GAP and spent $49.19! On these items... cant't wait to rock them!!!

Double layer tuxedo jacket

Regular $118.00 sale price $26.99 and an additional 50% percentage off

Perfect Trouser Tuxedo Pant (I've been wanting these pants for sometime now!)
Regular- $69.50 Sale - $ 34.99 and an additional 50% off
along with my sequin tote bag(rocked that one today!) in the above picture!

I must say my birthday gift cards went a long way!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boot and Legging Craze

I dont know what it is about leggings and boots... but lately it seems that is all I wear...

This is me at my Surprise Birthday Bash... They told us (me and my twin sis) that we were going out for a New Year Dinner Party and to wear something black. I picked this top up at Loft. Everything in the store was 50% off! Saw plenty I wanted but I just got the shirt.
Top - Loft
Jeans - South Pole @ TJ Maxx
Over the knee boots - Steve Madden
Just a day of shopping... this jacket was on clearance at a super deal! I wish I gotten the khaki color too! Had it been something I could wear to work I would not have thought twice about it...
Jacket - Gap
Jeans - South Pole @ TJ Maxx
Boots -Chelsea Crew @ Piperlime

I saw these jeggings on clearance for $5.99 at Cato and feel in love! I just thought they would be cute to wear on the weekend or just out... simple but cute at the same time....

Top - Gap
Jeggings - Cato
Boots - Nine West