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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fw: Vintage Gucci

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I brought this Gucci Bag from my co-worker for $20 bucks!!! I have been begging her for her LV Speedy bag. She told me she can't part with her LV but she had a Gucci she would sale to me! She brought the bags years ago... before the husband and the kids( her baby is in his 1st year of college). She really didn't think I would like the bag but when I saw it it was love at 1st sight! I loved it because it was very different from any Gucci I have seen not that I have seen a lot! I'm not sure what defines vintage but I'm calling it vintage anyway:)

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Kandi-STYLE said...

Hey, Great bag. Vintage is typically described as anything 25 years or older. She certainly kept her bag in pristine condition! Go you...